Dezeen showcases A.I.-engineered rocket engine
Hyperganic Design Director Duy-Anh Pham spoke to the online design magazine Dezeen about the virtues of ai-driven design and how to develop a 3D printed rocket engine, designed by artificial intelligence....
30 March 2020
16 October 2020
Radical Innovation in an Age of AI-based Engineering.
“We don’t need Computer Aided design, we need Computer Generated design.“ Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser delivered the opening keynote for the ETRIA World Conference: Future 2020. Lin discussed why the world desperately needs radical innovation and that rapid technological change is essential to solve pressing global issues such as climate change. A.I. based design and […]...
03 October 2020
Why can’t I fly to space yet?
Lin Kayser was invited to speak on Alex Mrozek’s popular German podcast series “Digitale Optimisten”. In this conversation, Lin talks about his entrepreneurial journey, from digitizing Hollywood to transforming manufacturing through A.I. with Hyperganic. If you too are wondering, why you can’t fly into space yet, if you want to know why it’s ok to […]...
03 October 2020
Artificial Intelligence and creativity
Duy-Anh Pham, Hyperganic’s Design Director gave an interview to Develop3D about the increasing use of A.I. in product development. In this interview, he shares his vision on the future of design, what Artificial Intelligence can offer for designers and the impact it will have on their work.  MORE PRESS
03 October 2020
The impact of Digital Physical Products
“A DPP is a physical product, a tangible object — but it is conceived, traded and shipped in digital form. At the last mile it is transformed into a physical product. Only late, shortly before it ends up in the hands of the customer, is it actually manufactured.” The trade magazine Develop3D published an essay […]...
03 October 2020
Duy-Anh Pham in conversation with form design magazine
“Artificial intelligence can only be as creative as the human who thought it to be creative” Duy-Anh Pham, Co-Founder and Design Director at Hyperganic spoke to Anton Rahlwes, editor in chief of form design magazine about the impact of artificial intelligence to design and creative work. From the changes in the day-to-day work of a […]...
03 August 2020
Lin Kayser on economic relations with China at EUTEC Webinar
The European Technology Chamber (EUTEC) invited Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser to discuss the challenges of entering the Chinese market as a European high-tech company. The EUTEC panel discussion focused around the practical experiences of working in China but also touched upon the general challenge in the current geopolitical climate to uphold the values of international […]...
03 August 2020
Develop 3D publishes essay on Digital Physical Products
How will a Digital Physical Product economy foster global collaboration, transform supply chains and jumpstart innovation? In this essay published by Develop 3D, Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser shares how digital mass production is going to help us change traditional supply chains into a collaborative web that works at the speed of light. MORE PRESS […]...
24 July 2020
Lin Kayser and Ross Lovegrove on “A Paradigm Shift in Design”
During this year’s 3D Pioneers Challenge Digital Award Ceremony, design legend Ross Lovegrove sat down for a conversation with Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser. They shared their vision for the future of design, engineering and manufacturing. How will A.I.-driven design and Additive Manufacturing empower engineers and designers to overcome existing constraints? Can we finally transcend borders […]...
09 July 2020
Resilient Futures with Lin Kayser
What will the future of the global economy look like after the Corona Crisis? How can value chains become more resilient and more sustainable? And which technologies can help with the realignment of the industry? In the latest Episode of the Resilient Futures Podcast, Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser discusses how a shift to a Digital […]...
25 May 2020
Digital Physical Products and the Future of Supply Chains
Hyperganic CEO and Co-Founder Lin Kayser was invited by the European Digital SME Alliance to join the live discussion on “Additive Manufacturing and the Future of Global Supply Chains” together with Lucian Cernat, Chief Trade Economist of the European Commission and Stefano Capezzone, President of Blu Sistemi. Lin talked about the concept of Digital Physical […]...
20 May 2020
Entrepreneur’s Kitchen with Lin Kayser
Lin Kayser was invited to “The Entrepreneurs Kitchen” with Seda Röder by The Mindshift. He invited into his kitchen to talk about entrepreneurship, ai, additive manufacturing and his visions for the future....
13 May 2020
Hyperganic Featured on Galileo Science TV
The popular science TV Show Galilieo reported on the Hyperganic Technology and the virtues of ai and additive manufacturing....
12 May 2020
The ecological impact of a Digital Physical Product Economy
Lin Kayser spoke to, an online magazine on sustainability and digitalization by the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development and The German Federal Environmental Foundation, about the virtues of A.I. for sustainabllity and the impact of a Digital Physical Product Economy....
03 April 2020 features Hyperganic, the world’s largest online community on engineering with more than 2 million users a month, reported on the Hyperganic rocket engine demonstrator....
20 March 2020
The possibilities of a Digital Physical Product Economy
Imagine if products, parts, structures or machines were traded as data – just like music, videos or software. How would that change our world? In a digital physical product economy, products could be shipped as data and 3d-printed wherever needed. Hyperganic CEO and Co-Founder Lin Kayser spoke to 1E9 to fathom the possibilities of a […]...
18 February 2020
The European Commission’s conference on the potential of A.I.
Lisa Katzenberger, Director of Communications at Hyperganic was invited to speak at the European Commission in Brussels about the potential of industrial A.I. applications in Europe....
04 February 2020
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports on Hyperganic
In this feature in one of Europe’s leading newspapers, Hyperganic Design Director Duy-Anh Pham sat down with Bastian Benrath from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to discuss A.I.-driven design and the future of manufacturing. From 3d-printed rocket engines to the future of bio printing, this story provides a glimpse into the current state of Hyperganic’s technology and the potential for the future....
11 July 2019
A.I.-driven Design at the 1e9 Conference
Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser was invited to speak at Germany’s 1e9 conference about his vision for the future of manufacturing. 1e9 was held at Munich’s renowned Deutsches Museum, the largest techology museum in the world. Speakers covered a broad spectrum of topics from quantum computing to the future of space travel. Lin talked about how […]...
26 June 2019
Ross Lovegrove — “A Paradigm Shift in Design”
Designer legend Ross Lovegrove called it a “paradigm shift in design”, when he handed over the coveted 3D Pioneers Challenge trophy to the Hyperganic team. The process of designing an object from algorithms instead of from a visual model was considered a breakthrough in engineering by the jury, which had to consider entries from more […]...
20 June 2019
Hyperganic Director of Business Development Markus Finke sat down with the 3DNatives team to discuss our approach to digital design, using a process of digital evolution. He describes, how Hyperganic has not built a CAD system, but a rich app ecosystem where objects are generated by AI and computer algorithms. Read the full article: […]...
01 March 2019
German Mittelstand companies, market-leading, family-owned businesses, which had their foundation in breakthrough innovation, are the backbone of the German economy. Germany’s largest business weekly, the Wirtschaftswoche, published a great article about young companies following in the footsteps of the great German founders like Werner von Siemens. Our CEO Lin Kayser explains the core philosophy of […]...
25 February 2019
The great team at All3DP came over to our offices in Munich to discuss voxel-based design of machines, mass customization and why we are not building yet-another CAD tool, but a platform for AI-driven design of objects. Read the full article here: MORE PRESS
17 January 2019
Hyperganic co-founder and CEO Lin Kayser was invited to speak about the future of manufacturing at TEDxTUM, the largest TEDx event in Munich, organized at the Technical University of Munich. In his TEDx Talk, Lin talks about the difference between conventional manufacturing, which dramatically limits what we can build — and can afford to build. […]...
01 December 2018
Maize Magazine published an article written by Hyperganic founder Lin Kayser, about how supply chains will change in a world of digital manufacturing. He describes how digital collaboration across borders and local production, using 3D printing can have a transformative effect on emerging countries. MORE PRESS
22 October 2018
The Potential of Additive Manufacturing at DLD Singapore
Lin Kayser gave a keynote on the Potential of Additive Manufacturing, before hosting a conversation with Chaw Sing Ho, head of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), tasked with introducing 3D printing serial production into Singapore’s market, and Alexander Gerfer, CEO of Würth Electronics, who talked about 3D printed electronic parts. MORE PRESS […]...
04 December 2017
Maize Magazine: Three-Dimensional Thinking
Hyperganic’s Lin Kayser, on why creativity is more important than ever in a world of design and engineering which is driven by Artificial Intelligence. Read the full article: MORE PRESS
01 November 2017
Nomad Magazine: On the Nature of Things
Exploring the Nature-driven principles behind Hyperganic’s technology, Nomad magazine created this profile of Lin Kayser, Hyperganic Co-Founder and German serial entrepreneur. A personal journey that starts with childhood memories of growing up with farm animals and rocket launches, artists and entrepreneurs, and describes Lin’s passion for changing the world through technology. Read the full article: […]...
23 October 2017
Maize Magazine: 3D Printing the Future
Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser sat down with H-Farm’s Maize editorial team during a recent trip to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. In this interview, he discusses how the design process dramatically changes when you move to additive manufacturing methods. He then touches on why 3D printing can be transformative for developing countries and what […]...
04 May 2017
Exponential Manufacturing at the Singularity University Summit
How can we move manufacturing under Moore’s law and create hardware innovations at an exponential pace? Hyperganic’s CEO introduces the concepts behind our company at the Singularity University Berlin Summit in 2017. MORE PRESS
16 June 2016
Manufacturing under Moore’s Law at DLD 2016
Introducing Hyperganic at the DLD 2016 conference. Co-founder Lin Kayser talks about A.I.-based engineering, using Nature as inspiration and how radically different 3D-printed objects will look like. In the fireside chat afterwards, Lin sat down with Joachim Zettler, CEO of Airbus APWorks, to talk about his electric 3D-printed, bionic motorcycle. MORE PRESS
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