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The Paradigm

Algorithmic Engineering

The encoding of engineering principles to create reusable, accessible, and optimized solutions for design, simulation, and manufacturing. In this new paradigm, engineers transcend limitations and oversee higher-level functions of objects created by algorithms they build. The algorithms generate objects that are as functional and complex as nature, creating impact across industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer goods. Engineers will never have to solve the same problem twice.



We encapsulate know-how using algorithms and codes. This tangible knowledge is then easily shared and reused across departments and functions. Never solve the same problem twice.



We use our core technologies to make it easier to create complex designs and perform advanced engineering or computational tasks.



We enable engineers to create objects that are optimal in tackling specific engineering challenges, while considering all parts of the product development process from design to manufacturing.

Advanced Thermal Applications

Automated Surface Area Optimization:

Re-think radiators and heat exchangers by maximizing thermal efficiency using design principles found in nature.

Embedded DfAM Rules:

Design that is optimized for material and printing technology.

Bioengineering at the Frontiers of Science

Organotypical Designs:

Nature-inspired engineering in an additive and rule-based way.

Multimaterial Complexity:

Encode bio-physical design cues to produce highly intricate objects with tailored mechanical properties.

Next-Gen Consumer Goods

Mass-customization & functionality:

Surface contours and lattice thicknesses are modulated to different needs and for light weighting purposes.

Engineering at the speed of algorithms:

Automated workflows shortens the time to market from years to days.

The Technology

Hyperganic Core

The geometry and simulation technologies that power all our products, closing the product development cycle from design to manufacturing in one seamless environment.


Shape your product with enhanced design flexibility and accelerated iteration cycles empowered by text-to-3D. With material knowledge integrated into a workflow that extends to simulation and manufacturing, achieving validated designs has never been easier.


Optimize your product on a quasi-meshless simulation engine that is up to 80% faster than conventional methods, works with objects of unmatched complexity and a wide range of data formats. All this, packed into a hands-free physics-driven feedback loop.


Materialize your product through a frictionless user experience supported by a connected ecosystem of materials and printers. Now you can assess design feasibility early on and minimize trial-and-error in production.

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Ecosystem of Partners

Our Outreach

To create sustainable impact and seed the future of engineering, we believe in nurturing and collaborating with the next generation of leaders and accelerators in engineering, science and technology.

"We are really excited about using Hyperganic & Algorithmic Engineering to design vasculature around tissues according to biological principles. These structures can then be printed using a range of technologies”

Marcy Zenobi-Wong, Professor at ETH Zurich

"Learning about Hyperganic Core will allow the aerospace industry to design complex components in record time. It's a software that could revolutionize an industry when paired with Additive Manufacturing – look no further than Hyperganic Core.”

Cruz Soto, President of the MIT Rocket Team

"Hyperganic made possible what I’ve always wanted: to integrate programming with the design and application of fluid systems and thermodynamics. There was a real opportunity to put all these three interests together on their technology and engage in cross-disciplinary, real-world problem-solving.”

Jiwoo Seo, Team member in Hyperganic’s X% Challenge with NTU EDGE

Leading Partners

We work with corporations and institutes in meaningful partnerships for innovation, masterclasses and events. We also support research projects and case challenges in a global network of universities.

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Hyperganic Group

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Community & Partnerships

Human Resources
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