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Product development with lattices is now faster and more accessible than ever.

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Transform ideas into reality with ease.

With a highly intuitive UI, generate complex geometries within minutes. Our seamless cloud-based platform enables everyone, from seasoned professionals to aspiring designers, to unleash their creativity.

Transform ideas into reality with ease.

Craft intricate geometries for your complex challenges.

Our advanced Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces (TPMS) and lattice algorithms enable precise control over your 3D structures, overcoming engineering challenges and optimizing both performance and aesthetic appeal.

Craft intricate geometries for your complex challenges.

Supercharge your development cycle with Ultrasim lattices.

Harness the power of BASF Forward-AM’s materials with our Ultrasim Lattice Library, confidently designing elastomeric parts using a vast reservoir of advanced materials. Streamline your design process to trim development cycles and resource expenditure, accelerating the path from concept to market-ready products.
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Supercharge your development cycle with Ultrasim lattices.

Streamline material costs

Solid parts can be hollowed and infilled, saving on material costs, while also ensuring that excess material can be removed without comprising structural integrity.

Generate novel designs

Incorporate features that are only possible through AM, such as lattices and related surface textures, while ensuring printability of the end product.

Advanced foam replacement

Tap into the full potential of BASF Forward-AM’s validated Ultrasim lattice library, harnessing data and materials that have been proven in real-world applications.

HyDesign open beta is now live.

Join our 90-day open-access today. No usage and export limits.

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How can I quickly get started with HyDesign?
You can hit the ground running with HyDesign by simply creating an account. Immediate access allows you to start designing without delay on a web browser.
How does HyDesign enhance TPMS and Lattice design capabilities?
On top of TPMS and lattice-beam infills, HyDesign offers advanced functions such as dynamic cell size and wall thickness modulations.
What geometry operations can I perform with HyDesign?
HyDesign comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of geometry operations, including shelling, booleans, offsets, emboss, and transforms.
Can I export design from HyDesign?
Exporting your designs from HyDesign is straightforward and user-friendly. You can directly download your designs to your local drive from the cloud in various formats, including STL and 3MF. There’s no limitation on the number of exports.
I used the Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Engine, in what ways is HyDesign an advancement over that app?
HyDesign advances beyond the Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Engine by transitioning from an on-premise application to a cloud-based platform. This shift allows for immediate account creation and access to the application without the wait for an invite. Additionally, HyDesign includes enhanced design features such as advanced geometry operations and the ability to work with and customize multiple objects simultaneously, which were not available previously.
How can I design with the Ultrasim® 3D Lattices?
The Ultrasim® 3D Lattices allow you to easily and confidently design parts with ideal mechanical performances, reducing trial-and-error. You can access the validated lattices in two ways. First, you can purchase physical Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Test Pads from BASF Forward AM here. There are Test Pads for Footwear, Seating and Protection. Second, you can access the digital Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Library via BASF Forward-AM’s website here.
What is the trial period for HyDesign?
Explore HyDesign's capabilities with a generous 90-day full-access open beta starting April 9th 2024.
What other features are planned for HyDesign?
We will continue making complex design workflows as accessible as possible. Features on the roadmap may include reusing workflows for new imported objects, structural simulations and topology optimization.