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Running Faster

From Concept to Production in Days

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80% reduction in design-to-production time, from weeks to 2 days
6 2D images required to create a full 3D model of a midsol
Instant iterations and rapid prototyping, bypassing traditional CAD processes to create production-ready footwear

The Challenge

In the traditionally slow-moving footwear industry, Hyperganic, in collaboration with DESMA and footwear designer Daniel Shirley, aimed to shatter the lengthy production cycle. The goal was to transform shoe manufacturing from a cumbersome, year-long process fraught with inefficiencies and wasteful overproduction into a streamlined, responsive workflow capable of adapting quickly to market demands.

Traditional footwear production process is lengthy and prone to communication barriers in the 3D modelling stage

The Process

Utilizing the Hyperganic Design to Mold app, powered by Algorithmic Engineering, the project introduced a groundbreaking end-to-end solution. This innovative approach allowed designers to directly convert 2D sketches into 3D midsole designs and production-ready molds. The app’s algorithms facilitated seamless transitions from design to CNC milling or additive manufacturing, revolutionizing the design phase by enabling countless iterations within mere days. Watch how the Hyperganic Design to Mold app works here.

The Results

The collaboration unveiled the AE, the world’s first Algorithmically Engineered sneakers, designed by Daniel Shirley in less than a day without traditional CAD tools. This marked a pivotal moment in footwear manufacturing, demonstrating the potential to significantly cut down time to market. By integrating DESMA’s direct injection molding process with Hyperganic’s algorithmic solutions, the project not only expedited the production timeline but also opened new avenues for creative expression and precision in shoe design.

“For the first time in the history of shoemaking, we are improving the footwear industry with an incredibly fast design-to-manufacturing process for molds, and an easy-to-use toolset for designers to kickstart production. What used to be traditionally a labor-intensive and time-consuming design process for the generation of a Tech Pack with technical specifications for mold-making is now fully automated and optimized by integrating our direct injection molding process with Hyperganic’s Algorithmic Engineering solution. This powerful combination reduces the time to market from months to days.”

Christian Decker, CEO of DESMA

This case study epitomizes the transformative impact of Algorithmic Engineering on the footwear industry, heralding a new era where design creativity and manufacturing efficiency converge to meet dynamic consumer demands swiftly.

“With a few profiles and greyscale maps from Illustrator or Photoshop, Hyperganic’s algorithms generate the entire midsole in 3D. It makes 3D outputs accessible to those without the skills to translate their ideas into 3D. I can run through dozens of iterations and tweaks in no-time. It’s all built on a production last so the input to output is 1-to-1. In a day, I can take an idea and go all the way to production-ready mold parts. This speed is a game-changer.”

Daniel Shirley, Performance Footwear Designer

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