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The Invisalign of Orthotics

Custom Insoles Redefined

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<10 seconds generation per insole
10min design generation learning curve

The Challenge

Traditionally, the manufacture of custom insoles has been time-consuming and material-intensive, as the process of milling thermoplastic or EVA materials often resulted in orthotics with uniform density and limited design flexibility. However, with the advent of 3D printing, it is now possible to embed various mechanical properties directly into a material, offering customization and precision that was previously challenging to achieve. This case study examines how the partnership between Hyperganic and Elite Orthotics, an Australian Podiatry Clinic, opens up a new frontier in the field of orthotics.

The Process

The collaborative effort resulted in an application called Doc Sols, powered by Algorithmic Engineering and dedicated to designing custom insoles, being able to generate intricate lattice insoles in less than 10 seconds. Furthermore, Doc Sols features a specialized AI tool called ‘DSet', which captures images of patients’ feet to enable accurate detection of critical parameters like foot length, arch height, foot post angle, and more. Based on this data, the AI tool generates a detailed prescription for the patient, including the demarcation of areas where different mechanical properties are required.

The Results

Through Doc Sols, a high degree of precision is ensured, which can be measured and catered to within 0.5 degrees of accuracy. Once the digital insole designs are perfected, they are sent to an industrial 3D printer, capable of producing lattice insoles at a scale and precision that was traditionally impossible to achieve.

The introduction of mass-customized 3D printed orthotics and insoles through the collaboration between Hyperganic and Elite Orthotics, facilitated by the Doc Sols application, marks a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of personalized orthopedic support, benefiting individuals in need regardless of whether they are seeking comfort, support, or enhanced performance.