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Bioengineering epitomizes the fusion of engineering ingenuity with the intricacies of biology, providing a platform for advancements that redefine the boundaries of healthcare, technology, and scientific exploration.

Enabling Technologies

Algorithmic Design

Utilize algorithms to create 3D models with complex, organotypical vasculature. Generate designs with programmed randomness to simulate real-world conditions.

CT Scan to 3D Model

Quasi-meshless Finite Cell Method (FCM) directly simulates CT scan data without the need for file conversion or sumulation, enabling personalized medical solutions.

Bioengineering Breakthrough

Transform and streamline the process of advanced biomedical simulations, making them more accessible and addressing the flaws of traditional mesh-based simulation methods.

CT Scan to Simulation

Using the Finite Cell Method (FCM) and Direct Data Mapping, Hyperganic is able to achieve direct simulations of femoral bone CT scans and accelerate personalized medical solutions, accurately representing material variations and modeling real-life biomechanical behaviors with unprecedented efficiency.

  • Up to 80% time savings for simulation engineers
  • Accurate modeling of biomechanical behavior in one day
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