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Step into a new era of design and optimization possibilities with our lightweighting technology.

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Elevate your design possibilities with Hyperganic's lightweighting technology, enabling you to create complex structures with optimal strength-to-weight ratios and unparalleled functionality.

Enabling Technologies

Topology Optimization

Use advanced topology optimization to refine and streamline your designs, reducing material usage while maintaining structural integrity.

Structural Simulation

Harness the power of Finite Cell Method (FCM) for precise lightweighting design, validating your structures' strength and optimizing material usage.

Precision Lightweighting

Optimizing aerospace-grade aluminum bracket topology via lightweight lattice design with up to 59% weight reduction, preserving structural integrity while reducing weight and stress.

Evolution of a Bracket

Using our technology, an aerospace-grade aluminum bracket was optimized for lightweighting while maintaining its original topology and structural integrity. Over 30 iterations, a weight reduction of 59% was achieved, eventually reaching a beam thickness of 0.9mm while also meeting the max allowable von Mises stress criteria.

  • 59% weight reduction
  • 30 high-speed iterations
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