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Mass Customization

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Mass customization transforms traditional manufacturing by offering personalized products at scale, driven by advancements in technology, consumer demand for unique goods, and the optimization of production processes to accommodate individual preferences and needs.

Enabling Technologies

Surface Modulation with Bitmaps

Unlock diverse design possibilities in various fields, offering intricate textures for highly personalized and tailored usages of your products.

Advanced Lattice Grading

Achieve rapid, precise personalization for your applications by integrating a customizable gradient of beam thicknesses and cell sizes.

The Invisalign of Orthotics

Mass-customized 3D-printed lattice insoles can be generated in less than 10 seconds per design, redefining personalized orthopedic support.

Custom Insoles Redefined

Hyperganic and Elite Orthotics collaborated on a transformative project, introducing mass-customized lattice insoles using innovative 3D printing techniques. The Doc Sols application, driven by Hyperganic's Algorithmic Engineering, facilitates rapid and precise customization, while having a low learning curve facilitating in-house design capabilities.

  • <10 seconds generation per insole
  • 10min design generation learning curve
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