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Metamaterials exhibit extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics, helping you to unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation.

Enabling Technologies

Advanced Lattice Structures

Unlock the potential of lattice structures, graded by beam thickness and cell sizes, fully customizable and adaptable to your needs.

Structural Simulation

Validate and optimize your metamaterial structures with advanced quasi-meshless structural simulation methods, ensuring precision and unlocking capabilities in diverse applications from biomedical constructs to innovative designs.

Auxetic Advancement

Rapid, high-precision fabrication is developed for biomedical applications, enabling the creation of complex structures like auxetic meshes and cylinders at an average duration of ~4.5.s.

Transforming Biomedical Engineering

In a collaboration with ETH Zürich University, Hyperganic presents a rapid design and fabrication method for complex, perfusable constructs using algorithmic engineering. With an average design compilation time of 0.5s and the ability to fabricate high-resolution structures up to 100μm, this new approach enables the creation of diverse biomedical structures such as alveoli and vascular networks.

  • 0.5s design compilation time
  • 4.5s model generation time
  • Fabrication of high-resolution structures up to 100μm
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