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Thermal Management

Explore the future of heat exchangers with advanced thermal management solutions.

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Thermal management applications reshape industries, enhancing energy efficiency, extending equipment lifespan, and promoting sustainable practices through advanced technologies such as triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and physics-driven generative design.

Enabling Technologies

Algorithmic Design

Drawing inspiration from nature, use code and formulae to create intricate patterns, seamlessly blending mathematical precision with organic complexity.

Lattice Boltzmann CFD

Enhance the heat management capabilities of your solutions by validating fluid flow using Lattice Boltzmann CFD, optimizing pressure drop and thermal performance across a diverse range of applications.

Topology Optimization

Refine and streamline your structures using advanced topology optimization, optimizing material distribution for superior heat management and cooling capabilities.

The Heat Exchanger

Counter-flowing fluid heat exchanger designs with 14 times more surface area for efficient thermal regulation, achieving enhanced efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Thermal Management for a Sustainable Future

Hyperganic collaborated with TRUMPF to develop a new paradigm for algorithmically designing highly efficient heat exchangers using principles from nature, demonstrated through a heat exchanger designed for 3D printer shielding gas cooling that was rapidly iterated and complex enough to mitigate printing risks.

  • Achieved a surface area 14 times higher than traditional designs
  • Met pressure drop goals within a few iterations
  • Exceeded heat exchange efficiency targets
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